Top Tips for Hotel Room Design for a Comfortable Living

Surrounded by natural beauty our property is one of the best Hotel in New Paltz, NY provides services to their visitor in all forms and medley. 
Hotel rooms act as the base for the stay so they should be with bigger spaces, customized services and modern technologies involved. Rodeway Innand Suites, well known among New Paltz Hotels has everything that a person aspire in a well-maintained hotel room. 
Read on for few tips which tick all of the boxes and make your hotel more enticing to visitors as like we have made an arrangement at Rodeway Inn and Suites hotel in Hudson Valley 
While designing a Hotel, a significant amount of time must be spent focusing on the rooms. 
1. Colour Combination  : Always choose a colour palette which fits the occasion, the location and the lavishness of the place. For your room to speak volume and appear beautiful, neutral colours are the topmost priority. 
 2. Space Planning : Interior space is considered perfect only when the facilities needed by the guest are ranged accordingly, despite of the room being big or small one can always play around the things as they want in their room. Like a bed can placed near the bathroom and likewise a coffee machine can be placed near the reading area. 
3. Comfortable Beds : This is the focal point of the room and the most prominent feature for your guest to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep each night, which means you need to make sure that the bed is of high quality. 
This means investing in a good:
        • Bed frame
        • Mattress
        • Duvet and pillows
        • Sheets 
4. Lighting : Lighting is a powerful tool in interior design, creating the atmosphere of its own in the room, so the room should be well lit so that there are no dark and dingy areas. 
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5. Security : High-quality key card entry system is the safest form of the security at a hotel room making sure that all the doors and windows can be easily locked.
6. Furniture : Apart from color schemes and hotel interior, the other prominent part of decorating space is the furniture which is comfortable and not very bulky at the same time. Making sure that a customer has a room to easily move around, including the items like:
         • A wardrobe
         • Desk
         • Mini Fridge
         • Drawers 
         • TV stand 
7. Art : Hospitality is Art. Creating art is what makes your hotel stand out. Nobody will stay in a hotel with poorly designed rooms no matter how great facilities it provides. Beautiful oil paintings can be used to give your hotel a different look.
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